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Valeria Messalina


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  • Geslacht: vrouw
  • Geboorte: januari 25th between 17 and 20 CE (Meer...)
  • Beroep: Empress of Rome Caligula was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard and Claudius was elevated to the throne, making Messalina empress. Claudius was very fond of her, so this was not merely a title; she was granted many honors and privileges and the Senate would even have granted her the title of Augusta (making her co-ruler with Claudius) had he permitted it. But even without such official power she was able to use her influence to have her enemies (and possible challengers to her son’s future succession) exiled or even executed. (Meer...)
  • Overlijden: (47 CE) Rome (Meer...)


Gezin 1


  1. Genuissa Vanessa Cloudia Britanicus (-)


Valeria Messalina

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Valeria Messalina & Claudius I van Rome

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